Booking Request

100% Free Cancellation and Immediate Refund

Your health and well-being are and always will be our top priorities!

That’s why, taking into consideration the uncertainty driven by the Covid19 crisis, we have updated our cancellation policy allowing more flexibility of booking cancellation to allow you to book with full confidence.

  • During all summer (for lease agreement starting 1st of May till end August) and without specific conditions,  providing the cancellation notice is sent at least 7 days prior starting date of the lease agreement (if not the deposit will be refunded but not the booking fees).
  • For all bookings done with a lease agreement starting end of August, in September or October, if the university where you plan to study or the company you plan to work for in the coming months, cancelled the study program or the internship due to the Covid-19 crisis or if the ban to travel does not allow you to reach your destination.

 We got you covered and your bookings fees will be fully refunded whenever COVID-19 gets in your plans!

Secure your future adventure abroad, safely book now, and your dream room will be ready and waiting

Check all the conditions updated in our Terms of Service